Anonymous: I have the fishes that I want to add to my blog but don't know where to put them in coding? I wondered if you could help please :) 

Place it below the <body> tag .

skydesvibe: How do you make/add a "ask link" to a blog that does not already have one? 

Just place <a href=”/ask”>ask me anything</a> to your html codes, wherever you want it to appear :)

supersabaw: Hi! I just want to ask why i cant open the shoot the duck and cryptic text? :) thankyou. 

Why? Just click them, it works for me :”)

abacachi: I do love your blog! 

Thank you :)

bufferingthoughts: How do you make Pop up boxes? and how do you add links in them? ☺ 

You can check it this tutorial:

or this

I could not explain better than they do <3

Drop down menu (automatic)

1. Paste THIS CODE on your description or anywhere you want the the drop down menu to appear.


1. Paste THIS CODE between <head> and </head> on your theme.

Change the IMAGEURL to the URL of the image you want to appear.

2. Paste THIS CODE between <style> and </style> on your theme.

(Source: tipping-tutorials)

How to make a blogroll

1. Go to HERE
2. Then click Pages -> Add Page

3. Now type in a link for the ‘Page URL’. Example:

4. For the ‘Page Type’ section, choose ‘Custom Layout’. 

5. Now paste THIS CODE on the custom HTML section.

6. Click create page.

7. Then Click Save + Close.

8. You can link it wherever you want.

Ex: <a href=””>BLOGROLL</a>


1. Copy THIS CODE.

2. Paste the code after <body>

3. Replace the USERNAME HERE with your twitter username.




2. Paste it before the </head> tag.

(Source: tipping-tutorials)

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